Halting the Hustle

I went north (not “up north” because in Minnesota that has a very specific meaning) this weekend and absolutely had the best time ever with all of my gal pals (& their baby nuggets). But since living far away, I’ve had a tendency to do way too much during my visits. Inevitably causing me to fall ill. As if the weekly blizzards weren’t enough to propel the doldrums of winter. But it feels like oncoming flu would be the capstone to it all, right? Hello, Hustle.

The bestie always laughs because she says she doesn’t know anyone who “gets more haircuts or gets sick as often as I do”. An uncommon combo but it’s not completely inaccurate.

And I realized that in the last year that we’ve opted to stay home & not go out, I’ve had significantly better health (and fewer haircuts, hi Amy!). I also prioritized sleep last year. Instead, choosing to go to bed when I was tired, as opposed to trying to keep up with my night owl husband. And let ?? me ?? tell ?? you ?? what ??. It’s been absolutely worth every minute spent with Morpheus!

Coincidence? I think not.

halting the hustle

Our bodies always tell us what. is. up. But thanks to a perpetually entertaining college career with extremely fun humans, I—and many of my peers—learned how to tune out the warning signs.

So, as I lay here, with aching bones and fantasies of an Epsom salt-saturated warm bath, I would like to give you the advice I wouldn’t heed myself in hopes you’ll fare better than I:

  1. Respect the protective layers you’ve built: I use a 32oz mug of water at work, & drink multiples of it daily. I have 3 designated water tumblers at home because I don’t want to have to wait for them to be out of the dishwasher (& I religiously wash them so I always need at least one out of the rotation). But when I left the Nebraska state lines? All signs of hydration apparently disappeared!
    • *Sigh* Read in the tone of a girl telling another girl the bathroom at the bar she’s beautiful-voice: (because everyone needs that kind of positivity). Need a lot of water? Drink it! Know that you function best on 67,478,292 hours of sleep each night? Close those eyes, boo! Instagram will—kind of—(stupid algorithm) be there in the morning! I didn’t respect the layers, and here I am, lecturing myself.
  2. Slow down. I did so many things in a very short period of time. And my heart is full (as always after these visits). But everyone I spoke with about my plans basically thought I was insane for packing in 8 dates over 24 hours. And they were right. I did too much and I’m paying for it heartily today (and the last 3 days tbh). Next time I’ll extend my trip a day and make my friends marathon hangout with me vs sprint.
  3. Consider the reality of time. Um, what? Does anyone else think it only takes 25> minutes to get anywhere? For me, I always forget that not everything I need when I go back to the metro is only a few minutes away. Maybe it was when I lived in the heart of St. Paul, but bouncing across the river multiple times a day? Nah ah. Not to mention I jam pack everything together so there’s literally no wiggle room. Which in turn stresses me out because then I’m late. And as someone who is chronically late, I can understand that time is fickle and flies by when you’re having fun/is an eternity when you’re working out/in a rush to brunch. Give yourself space in your schedule to breathe & let your cortisol levels take a break!

This is essentially me lecturing me. But if you’re out there, about to embark on something that’s outside your routine, I promise you won’t regret soaking up these words of wisdom (like I currently do.) So… You’re welcome.


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