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harry potter  • target • the sound of the ocean • coffee when it reaches the perfect temperature • a runny egg yolk • lazy mornings in bed • the calm before sunrise •  



Jess lives in Nebraska with her tortured instagram husband. She's a proud Minnesotan with island roots, & can be found at happy hours sipping wine and plotting ways to take a trip or get a puppy.

a lil' more

This is a space to capture those moments in-between the automatic beat we dance to each day. A space to find the rhythm, get creative, and tune back in to what makes our hearts really flutter. 

A little soul-exploration for the average bear? Perhaps!

I'm 1-part writer, 1-part wanna-be-wanderluster, 2-parts foodie, and the rest of the recipe is TBD. I'm still trying to figure out how to do all the things, and writing about it along the way turns out to be a treat.



Thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and stories from other rad people out there are welcome, too. Because honestly, I just think this world is a neater place when we're spinning tales, trading life-lessons & making memories—especially if it's over scotch or wine—together. 

And anyway, I'm hopelessly curious to have a little taste of "it all" in this life, and I think you are, too. So I'll raise a glass to the upcoming escapades, and to you for joining me along the way. 

More paddle boarding • More books • More vegetables • A 10k run in 2019 • More train trips •  


Floral is a neutral. Black is a color.

-someone stylish

there's always room for dessert.

-me, always

it's only the first bottle of champagne that's expensive...

-someone wise