5 Spring Looks to Love

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I’m not a style blogger (although I think it’d be fun! I just wear pretty basic outfits 90% of the time so I don’t think I’d cut it!). But last weekend I got to do something super fun with a local business I love: Four Sisters Boutique.

This blazer was so breathable! The tank is so versatile, too. Toss on these shorts after work and you’re ready for a happy hour!

FSB is a cute little spot here in Omaha, Nebraska. I usually pop in here on a Friday after work when I need a little retail therapy, and it’s not hard to go home with something that I adore.

I LOVED this jumpsuit! I’m short and it’s the perfect length to not drag but still flatter your legs. Also, the eyelet detail is divine!

With my upcoming trip to Paris, my brain is constantly working to plan out all the fun clothes that I want to wear.

??*Note: I am staying positive about our trip despite the travel ban!??

I loved these shorts. They’re so comfortable and as a girl who usually avoids jean shorts, I’m very impressed! They’re just long enough to not ride up when you move!

I got to play dress up in a few of the newest looks and it was a blast despite being THE windiest day of the season (note my hair ?). I’m pretty convinced that with the weather bouncing from over 70 degrees down to 30 degrees and up to 65 again, mother nature just needs a little reminder on which way to swing.

Some of the spring looks drop today, online at FSB and I think you’re going to love a few of these pieces! They sell out fast, so check em’ out before they sell out!

The wind made it tricky to photograph this dress but I surprisingly loved it with the booties! It was long enough for the office and was plenty loose (I don’t like ‘cling’!)
This romper is adorable and there’s a layer in the bottom half so you don’t see through the bottom the way you get with light fabrics!