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fox faves: Wax Buffalo

fox faves: Wax Buffalo

fox faves: Wax Buffalo

Thank goodness for that CBD! The month of May was HECTIC! Finishing up a lot of loose ends left me creatively drained. With the Memorial Day Weekend, we had planned to head North in order to personally welcome the mosquitoes back to the land of 10,000. But alas, the stars didn’t align so we stayed back and went even further south… to Lincoln, Nebraska!

Lincoln is known outside of Nebraska for a few reasons, but the primary reason is the famed Nebraska Cornhuskers football team. I’m not personally a fan, (sorry Nebraskans, don’t hate me!), because I’ve strictly pledged my allegiance to game-day snacks and drinks (#HerefortheApps). It’s also the capitol of Nebraska, which isn’t important unless you’re big on trivia.

There’s something to be said for Minnesota Nice, and you don’t always find it outside of The North… but when you do, it’s oh-so-pleasant!

Anyway, we went because I needed a change of scenery and had major eyes on checking out the Wax Buffalo’s brick and mortar that recently opened. I follow quite a few bloggers in Nebraska, and they always seem to know about the cutest places opening up. So where they go, my Instagram [my tortured IG Husband] and I follow! And let me tell ya, it did NOT disappoint!

Wax Buffalo is in the heart of the Haymarket, just far enough on the brim that you can easily park (and avoid the rain!). It’s set up in a space that above it looks perfect for a loft and perhaps 3 or 4 of your friends (a la New Girl). From the moment I walked in, the owner was behind the counter, with (of course) a candle lit, and a ready greeting which made this Minnesota gal’s heart very happy. There’s something to be said for Minnesota Nice, and you don’t always find it outside of The North… but when you do, it’s oh so pleasant!

I’ve been a Wax Buffalo fan since we moved to Nebraska and I discovered the adorable glass containers at Hutch Modern in Midtown Crossing. The scents are pure and don’t drown you in a flood of scent that makes you nauseous after 15 minutes of burning.

The space is calming and has some well-curated accouterments that make it an ideal place to pick up the finishing touches of a gift to your bestie. The owner, Alicia, was chill, and not weirded out at all with my taking photos. She introduced herself, we chatted a bit, and she made me really want to buy a “Local Girl Gang” tee despite not technically being a local–she’s just that charming! The entire space (dare I say it?) had a lovely feeling of warmth!

In the end, I walked a way with a handful of inspirational stickers picked out by the hubs–and of course–a candle! We’re big on the Grapefruit scent because it’s well-balanced between fresh and warm without being too sugary and cloying at the senses. So many of the candles made me feel nostalgic or invoked a sense of calm (I can’t resist Blood Orange either!). I keep the jars and try to reuse them after the candle is done because they’re just too pretty to toss, and it’s nice seeing something locally made in various places throughout our home.

If you ever make your way to Lincoln, the Wax Buffalo space is an absolute must! Or you can check them out online and treat yourself to some good ole Nebraskan craftsmanship. Don’t forget to scope out her Instagram, too. It’s what got me to shimmy south, after all. In any case, if you’re heading to Lincoln, let me know (because I’m definitely looking for excuses to go back!) Regardless of where you’re coming from, this candle company sure to melt your heart!

Oh yes I diiiiid go there. #punny


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