Finding My Voice: The Joys of Self-Discovery and Self-Care

On a whim fueled by the Instagram gods, I had a friend-date tonight. It was so impromptu that I didn’t have much time to prepare (or panic) about what she was going to think of me, which was great!

Except when we started talking about how we connected, it inevitably led to the subject of my blog. To which, the natural question to ask is, “What’s your blog about?”

Thus followed by the moment where I shamefully stumble through some mutterings about “lifestyle”. Yikes. Très vague.

She may not have noticed, but the fact that I so awkwardly struggled through such a simple question led me to really consider, what the hell is this blog going to be about?

It has to be for something, right? Otherwise, why spend time on this? Well, for one, I just like to write. About things that make me emotional (in any direction), because I like dramatic pauses injected by excessive commas, but, upon further thought, I like blogging because I like my soapbox.

Is it a feminist soapbox? Probably. But more likely because nothing gives me as much joy as finding new ways to care for myself and others. Epic 3-hour phone calls and meme-filled text message trains that enthuse how we are worthy of caring for ourselves in whatever format that takes? YAS because those bring. me. to. life.

Trying a new hobby? Exploring new ways to deal with stress? Experimenting with a new ingredient? I love it all, because if it creates joy/peace/perspective it was worth every minute of time and energy. Yeah, it’s a little woo-woo. And if you’re not sure what I mean by “woo-woo”? You will be, just keep reading!

Self-care & self-love. Adventures and internal dilemmas. Exploring my world, that of the humans in it, and sharing it because sometimes it’s nice to just know that it’s okay to be content in life and still pursue new forms of happy. We evolve, we grow, we change with the times, and at any given time we’re always a hybrid from of who we were and who we’re going to be, so this is a safe space for that exploration. Welcome, friends.